About Our Team, Solutions, Aim, & Milestones So Far

Who are We?

The development team of SQL MDF Viewer strongly believes in adapting new technology & modernization spectrum. Our primary objective is to offer users an open source/free utility to access the entire data of an SQL Server database with utmost compatibility. Our solution is quite easy to use by both new as well as experienced users with ease.


We as core technical IT experts are aiming to provide long-term productive & efficient solutions to users. We have the vision to solve users’ misery of technical errors & lags present in their daily life programs.

Milestones & Achievements

Our advanced software is a well-established brand of software solutions having expertise in the industry of data file reading & opening damaged databases. It was quite a big step for us to go global with our solution. What made us realize that we do offer quality products is the response of our clients. Not just casual users but our solutions are now the first choice of Microsoft’s MVPs as well as industry experts.

Our collaborations with business giants across the globe helped us in developing more such solutions. Soon, we are going to offer several other software as well to provide further assistance to troubled users.